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The Roaring Twenties Year Of Changes - Free Essay Example

  The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat slow anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow (Rupert Murdoch). The Roaring Twenties is an example of this, it was the year of changes within the social and political views of many Americans, where the youth took charge and changed America to become a whole new civilization. The youth, challenged their society and status quo. Starting from their music- jazz and blues music- which were part of the black culture, growing economy and their new trend of fashion, which were mostly focused on womens style of choice that symbolizes the age of the New Women. This revolution did cause conflicts between the younger generation and the older generation, bringing up the countrys critical problems, that eventually helped America to move forward, to keep progressing.This era of new civilization came with a flaw. A flaw in which made the younger generations reject their tradition, thus losing their morality for something of acquisitive goals. We lack a certain dignity of charm and refinement which, despite their silly conventions and their inhibitions, our fathers and mothers are not without, (Temple 1).   Unlike the older generation, the younger generation tend to ignore the moral code of tradition and instead chooses to follow their own path of personal gain. We young people are like a herd of calves, enclosed in a wide pasture. Leaderless we rush, in an impetuous juvenile stampede, toward the farthest pasture gates, not knowing what lies beyond more pasture lands, or chasms. We have hurled aside all conventions, (Temple 1). The younger generation are leaderless, they have no one to guide them to the right path of traditions and morality, no authority for them to obey. Like herds of animals, they stampede their way to life blindly.Their flaw, however, did help America come closer to its dream of equality of both sexes. It showed the empowerment women had in this era and how far they have come compared to the women in the older generation. A most popular symbol of this empowerment were the Flappers, who dressed differently than the previous generation. Most of us, under the present system of modern education, are further advanced and more thoroughly developed mentally, physically, and vocationally than were our parents at our age. We hold the infinite possibilities of the myriads of new inventions within our grasp. We have learned to take for granted conviences, and many luxuries, which not so many years ago were as yet undreamed of. We are in touch with the whole universe. We have a tremendous problem on our hands (Page 1). The Flappers main idea was to convince the previous generation of how much they have learned from them, their achievement and mistakes, which changed who they are as a person. Their knowledge and experiences are further enhanced than the previous generation, making them just as wise and cautious. They were able to create inventions that marked the first step of progress in American civilization. We are the Younger Generation. The war tore away our spiritual foundations and challenged our faith. We are struggling to regain our equilibrium. The times have made us older and more experienced than you were at our age. It must be so with each succeeding generation if it is to keep pace with the rapidly advancing and mighty tide of civilization (Page 1). It was the war that the older generation brought that began the change in their way of thinking. The war made them stronger, its what changed them to keep fighting for that equality that the older generation never could. It expanded their k nowledge and experiences, making them wiser. Sooner or later, the once younger generation would become the older generation as time goes on and the new generation would become more wiser than they are and continues on, the same way the civilization are progressing forward.In addition to the way that women dressed in this era, their style of hair also changed, which turned from longer to shorter hair symbolizing women as an individual and their growing freedom of equality with men. It is part and parcel of life- one of the myriad things which by themselves may apparently mean nothing, but which in the aggregate help to form that particular complexity of expression which is myself (Garden 1). This change of style made showed women as an independent individual. Women at this time, were able to freely express themselves, unlike the older generation, who were used to hide their imperfections wanting to be accepted into the society. When I consider the achievements of women in the past few years I find it impossible to do so without taking into account the tremendous freedom- giving changes in fashion that have accompanied them. And enjoying the blessings of short hair is necessary part of those fashion changes. To my way of thinking, long hair belongs to the age of general feminine helplessness. Bobbed hair belongs to the age of freedom, frankness, and progressiveness (Garden 1). Women are becoming more equal with men, they are able to work and have freedom rights that women did not have back then. Rejecting the traditional women, they are now becoming more open, freely expressing themselves, having more knowledge and have become more stronger.In the book, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald made a clear example of the traditional type and the more modern types of people, such as the difference between Daisy and Jordan. In the book, Nick and Gatsby describes Daisys voice as full of money, (Fitzgerald 120). Daisys voice is a symbol of wealth and status. Daisys voice was a type of voice that is soft, like the older generation women, Daisys personality is masked through her voice. Whereas, with Jordan, Nick describes her being slender, small-breasted girl, with an erect carriage, which she accentuated by throwing her body backward at the shoulders like a young cadet (Fitzgerald 11).   Jordan is more outgoing, composes herself like a soldier. She is more the type to go on her own pace and does not care what others think of her, unlike Daisy, who cares a lot about her reputation in the society, to be accepted.The Roaring Twenties came with both a negative and positive aspects that changed the typical American social and political views and though it was imperfect, it did help America to become a more civilized country. Works Cited Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Scribner, 2004. Garden, Mary. Why I Bobbed My Hair (1927). Google Classroom, uploaded by Ryan Shupp, 27 Feb. 2018. Page, Ellen Welles. A Flappers Appeal to Parents. Google Classroom, uploaded by Ryan Shupp, 27 Feb. 2018. Temple, Anne. Reaping the Whirlwind. Google Classroom, uploaded by Ryan Shupp, 27 Feb. 2018.

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Evaluating A Good Candidate For Their Organization

Structured Interviewing Analysis There are many different interviewing processes that companies use to determine who qualifies as a good candidate for their organization. Interviewers must be knowledgeable in their career and prepare a unique set of predetermined questions that appertain to what the company is looking for in future employees. In a thorough search about structured interviews, also known as a â€Å"standardized† interview, several components and coding words attracted more attention than orders. Structured interviews are also identified in research as â€Å"situational†, â€Å"behavioral†, â€Å"patterned†, â€Å"systematic†, and â€Å"structured situational.† Structured interviewing is believed to be the better choice of interviewing styles, as†¦show more content†¦In unstructured interviews it is easy to stray from important questions because the conversation can go anywhere and is very informal. The author of struct ured interviews, discusses the structured interview process from beginning to end, to include preparation prior to the interview and different types of questions that should be asked to the applicant. He believed that all questions that pertained to the job should be asked first, such as assessment, assumption, and detailed organizational inquires. Those questions should hold priority over more relaxed questions pertaining to the individual. Several meta-analyses reviews reveal that â€Å"structured† interviews are valid and reliable (†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦). Research has taught human resource students, employees, and many other people that there is a lot to be learned about the interview process still. Human Resource Management is responsible for a company’s development, growth, and hiring procedures. It is their job to ensure the attainment of the role needed for the company’s goals and that the candidate contributes to the overall success of the organiz ation. Good employees will advance company’s performances and save them money, making them more successful in the long haul. Several different components of the research are all evaluated on validity, reliability, and applications reactions to different types of questions (†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..). Though these

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Interacting with Dementia Essays - 1086 Words

When I was 18 year old, I applied to work at an assisted living facility called, Crestwood Senior living (currently known as Matthews of Glendale). When I first got hired, I was introduced to all the staff and all the residents as well. After being employed there for a while I started to notice that some resident were acting different from the first time I had met them and I did not understand why. So I asked my coworker, why some of the residents were acting different and she explained to me that some of the resident have dementia. Now, at that time I didn’t really know what dementia was because I had never worked in that type of field before or have taking any classes on that type of disease. So, I decided to do a little research on my†¦show more content†¦One way that people who are working with the elderly community can interact with individuals with dementia is by playing games such as memory games that can help them keep their mind’s going. According to K aren Miller, publisher of Memory Jogging Puzzles, stated that â€Å"Studies have shown, that memory games help slow down memory loss and brain deterioration.† These games can range anywhere from being low-tech, or high-tech. Some games that the help stimulate the mind that individuals with dementia are cards games such as concentration. Concentration is a well-known card game that is often seen in quiz shows and in educational programs. In the basic form, cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. This game is used to exercise the brain and help recollect and concentrate individuals with dementia. Some other games that I personally play with my residents at work are bingo and ball toss. Although, games are a great way to interact with elderly individuals with dementia, a second way that people who are working with the elderly community can interact with elderly individuals with dementia is by bring familiar objects such as a photographs and accessories to help trigger memories and engage in good conversation.Show MoreRelatedUnderstand the Role of Communication and Interactions with Individuals Who Have Dementia (Dem 308)1694 Words   |  7 PagesUnderstand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia (DEM 308) Outcome 1 Understand that individuals with dementia may communicate in different ways 1. explain how individuals with dementia may communicate through their behaviour Dementia sufferers communicate in many different ways. They may not be able to speak but they can communicate non-verbally with positive or negative behaviour. They can also communicate using body language and through postureRead MoreDealing With A Loved One s Cognitive Decline Essay1749 Words   |  7 Pageson Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Shomari D. Hearn When a loved one begins to experience memory loss and other cognitive issues, it is only natural to wonder whether he or she is exhibiting signs of dementia. Warning signs that one s mental capacity may be diminishing can include: Forgetting significant dates or previous life events Asking for the same information repeatedly Difficulty concentrating or keeping track of recurring bills Taking muchRead MoreEffects Of Dementia On Healthcare Services And Society971 Words   |  4 Pagestook his or her clothes off. Dupuis, Wiersma, and Loiselle, (2012), explain that dominant discourses form how behaviours are perceived in the dementia care context and afterward impact the actions used to react to behaviour (p.163). In addition, dominant perception influences the approaches to behaviours can cause much preventable agony for person with dementia who are misconstrued (As cited in Fazio et al., 1999) (p.163). We must shift away from dominant discourse that is fixed and move toward a moreRead MoreMy Experience At Evergreen Senior Living866 Words   |  4 Pagesjob as a CNA is to make sure that the residents are as comfortable and as possible. I also followed, Jackie Russell, the Activities Director. She works with the residents to keep their brain and body stimulated and healthy. They both work in the dementia and alzheimer s, assisted living part of the facility called Legacy. Kylie and other CNAs are in charge of assisting the residents in many different things, such as getting ready for breakfast. After the residents are seated in the dining roomRead MoreThe Origins Of Nathaniel Witherell1402 Words   |  6 Pagesneed of the residents of the town of Greenwich. Today, the facility is named Nathaniel Witherell, and is a short term physically rehabilitation center, long-term patient care center and a certain area merely focused on taking care of residents with Dementia (Nathaniel Witherell, Short-Term Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center). The facility specializes in Person-Centered Care†, meaning that they provide certain services to accommodate to residents quotidian routines, regarding their diets and religiousRead Moreintend to expose in their studies how Educational Neuroscience can reshape educational policies and1500 Words   |  6 Pagesthe association between bilingualism and age at onset of dementia and its subtypes ran the largest study with case records of 648 patients with dementia (391 of them bilingual) â€Å"The age at onset of first symptoms was compared between monolingual and bilingual groups. The influence of number of languages spoken, education, occupation, and other potentially interacting variables was examined. Overall, bilingual patients developed dementia 4.5 years later than the monolingual ones. A significant differenceRead MoreThe Utilisation Of Communication Skills1945 Words   |  8 PagesDementia is a progressive, degenerative and largely irreversible clinical syndrome characterised by a widespread cognitive decline and decreased capacity for independent living (NICE, 2014; Prince et al., 2013). A major component of the syndrome as it progresses is a loss of communication skills, which can lead to patients encountering difficulties being understood and in understanding what exactly is being said to them (Watson et al., 2012; Downs and Collins, 2015). As highlighted by the most recentRead MoreFro ntiers In Aging Neuroscience1192 Words   |  5 Pagesoverall knowledge of dementia and derived personal life satisfaction from the visits. I found this article to be interesting because it focused on the satisfaction of volunteers who were working with cognitively impaired individuals. It provided a new perspective for my paper because previously I had been researching how important human interaction is in promoting a better quality of life for those with cognitive impairments. Yet, it was so interesting to find that interacting with these patientsRead MoreClient  ­ Centered Therapy Is Developed By Psychologist Carl Rogers1173 Words   |  5 Pagesprescriptive theory telling the practitioner what to do. The central ideas to the client ­centered theory were not new when Rogers introduced them. Mary Richmond was the first person to acknowledge the importance of the qualities in practitioners when interacting with clients. Rogers originally called his technique non ­directive therapy as his goal was to be as non ­directive as possible. He eventually realized that this was impossible as clients often look to practitioners for some sort of guidance or directionRead MoreIntervention Of A Patient With A Dementia851 Words   |  4 PagesIntervention Practices I visited a patient with a dementia this week that normally responds well to music. Therefore, I utilized music therapy to engage the patient. My field instructor told me the genera of music that he enjoyed, so deciding on that was easy. I played several well known Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder songs. The intervention was successfully for about 15 minutes, in which he was tapping his foot and singing along. After 15 minutes, the patient began to lose focus and fell asleep

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Victims Rights free essay sample

Victims’ Rights paper Sandee Maige CJA 313 Contemporary Issues In Criminal Justice Professor Hale May 20, 2010 As Americans in the United States we [Use we, us, or our to mean yourself and coauthors, not general humanity (or yourself and the reader)] are entitled [The passive voice is a form of be (are) and a participle (entitled). Over-use of the passive voice can make paragraphs tedious to read and officious. Try to use the active voice most often, e. g. , the student completed the paper on time. The passive voice versionThe paper was completed on time by the studentSee eCampusCWETutorials GuidesGrammar Writing GuidesActive passive voice] and fortunate to have rights if we [Place comma before this word if this is the end of the introductory phrase (beginning with As)] are a victim of a crime. Over the years victims’ have been part of the legal system but have often been ignored. Candice founded a non-profit organization with many other distraught mothers known as, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). This organization sought to support families and victims of drunk driving and to educate the community on the dangers of drunk driving and underage drinking. A few things that MADD is greatly responsible for is lower the blood alcohol level from . 10 to . 08, forcing people to consume less alcohol If they plan on operaung a vehicle. MADD claims that drunken driving accidents have been cut in half since the founding by Llghtner A man lost his son to a serial killer. His son, Adam was kidnapped and murdered In 1981. This man used his horrific experience inspired him to create a show which broadcasts law enforcements most wanted criminals, and allows the viewer to call In tips In order to ald in catching the criminals. This man Is John Walsh. HIS son Adam, who was six years old, was abducted from a department store in Florida. Weeks after the abduction Adams severed head was found far from his home, but the rest of his body was never found. This prompted Walshs mission to aid and assist in catching criminals. This launched the popular television show, Americas Most wanted. Walsh was also responsible for founding the Missing children Act of 1982 and the Missing Childrens Assistance Act of 1984. His non-profits are responsible to aiding many missing and exploited children and their loved ones, let alone police officials. Dominique Dunne was an up and coming actress in the early 1980s. She Is only known for her role in Poltergeist. An ex-boyfriend out of a fit of rage strangled Dominique Dunne. She was pronounced brain dead at the age of twenty-two, Dominick Dunne, kept a Journal of his account of the trial proceedings of John Sweeney, the man convicted of killing his daughter. The Journal was published to a famous magazine. Dominiques mother, Ellen, founded a victims rights group following the trial, Justice for Homicide Victims. These efforts strive to make sure certaln rlgnts are given to tne vlctlms 0T tnese vlclous crlmes, ana to make tne community aware of such trials. A father lost his daughter at the age of twelve when she was kidnapped and subsequently murdered. After the death of his daughter, Polly Klass, Marc started a foundation in honor of his daughter. The foundation, KlaasKids Foundation, helped parents cope after their children have been abducted. In lieu of the murder California adapted a three strikes law, which states habitual offenders will receive harsher sentences for each crime they commit. Sunny von Bulow was given a lethal dose of insulin, which resulted in poisoning and overdose. Her husband Claus was first convicted of the crime, but it was verturned and then he was found not guilty. Sunny remained in a coma for twenty eight years before she passed. Her children, Ala and Alexander were Sunnys biggest advocates. They filed a civil suit against their father and eventually reached a settlement outside of court. Later they created a foundation called Sunny von Bulow National Victim Advocacy Center, which later turned, into, National Center for Victims of Crime. This foundation focused on ensuring that victims of crimes could not be re- victimized. This program was fundamentally started to give victims a voice in the riminal Justice system, and more importantly give them a voice in the case that they were a victim of. Jeanne Clery headed off to college at Lehigh University to start her freshman year at age nineteen. In 1986 she was brutally assaulted and then murdered in her dorm room. At first the university tried to down play the crime and release very little information to the rest of the university and in fact her parents. This is where the The Jeanne Clery Act was so that universities were required to release information to the pubic and the universities. It also increased security policies within the university to protect individuals more. The assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan was the shot heard around the world. The infamous John Hickley Jr. tried to kill the president; he was considered to be extremely mentally ill and was even given the not guilty by reason of insanity conviction. James Brady the press secretary was among those shot that day. He used his almost near-death attempt into working towards restrictions on gun availability. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act were both founded upon Bradys belief that there should be more strict regulations taken for gun control. Carolyn McCarthy was originally working as a practicing nurse. In 1993 and husband and child were the victims of an armed assailant on a commuter train way. Unfortunately her husband, Dennis, was shot to death and her son Kevin suffered extreme injuries, but lived. She took her experience to the White House. Her campaign was to advocate for more gun control and her efforts landed her on the House of Representatives where she was able to work hard to pass her campaign. This social workers whose Job it was to work with those who are troubled found herself to live through something quite troubling. Her young son was shot many times and killed by a street gang. He was not a target of anything; it was Just a senseless brutal killing. This social worker then devoted her life to helping those troubled children, many like those who killed her son. She believed that if these children had an outlet, and someone who cared for them perhaps their lives would be different. In 1994, seven-year-old Megan Kanka was brutally raped and murdered lust Teet Trom ner nouse. Megan was raped ana Klllea Dy a convlctea sex offender. Due to the overwhelming community rage based on this crime this sparked a otification law. The law was fondly referred to as, Megans Law. This law would notify people in the neighbor of sex offenders residing in the area. This made it a requirement for every sex offender to register himself or herself, and for the public to have knowledge of their personal information and their crimes. Lisa Hullinger was brutally murdered by her boyfriend in 1978. Her parents, Bob and Charlotte turned to their local priest for answers. He was able to put them in touch with other families whose children had been murdered. This is where the Parents of Murdered Children was founded. This group goes throughout the United States and some portions of other countries. The group is used so parents can get together, tell their stories, and grieve together while supporting one another. A young woman was brutally murdered, her parents searched for answers not only for her but also for other victims. Her parents got together to form a group of people who are not only advocates but also the victims of these brutal crimes. The point of the group was surrounded on the victim, to make sure their rights are recognized. They also focus greatly on crime prevention. They are most known for their slogan, of the victims, by he victims, and for the victims. In 1975, a non-profit group, National Organization for Victim Assistance, or Nova, was founded. This group is one of the longest standing victim advocacy groups in the United States. The purpose of the group is not only to help people understand why crimes they are a victim of, but to give them resources, and tools in order to cope with these cries. Nova also offers a crisis response team option. This is to ai d people who are victims in a sudden situation and get them the adequate help that they need. HAWC, Healing Abuse working for change, was more ommonly known before as Home for Abused Women and Children. This is an organization that is founded out of the North Shore of Massachusetts. It gives aid, services, and relief to all of those who are suffering from domestic abuse. When it was first founded women were commonly thought of the only ones who were abused domestically, but it can be women, men, and children. This group can provide shelter, food, clothing, and even medical care for those who find their home or domestic life is no longer safe due to violence. There are many groups known worldwide, many in the United States and many abroad.