Monday, February 10, 2020

How native American were treated Personal Statement

How native American were treated - Personal Statement Example rrently is not much different from how they were treated centuries ago except that discrimination is more discreet now, but every bit as alive as it was back in the day. I feel that the presentation had so many different aspects which are worth discussing and exploring further in detail. It challenged many conventional beliefs in an attempt to expose the reality. For example, the presenter asserted that Christopher Columbus should not be considered a noble figure because of his questionable reputation. This was a big blow to me because great reverence and prestige has always been associated with the name of Columbus. It is widely believed that he was the first ever person to discover the Americas laying foundation for what was to become the United States of America. In contrast to this conventional idea, the presentation accused Columbus of tyranny, imprisonment, lying, and terrorism. It was claimed that on grounds of bad reputation of Christopher Columbus, the Native Americans do not acknowledge and celebrate the Columbus Day. Only the Natives are familiar with the real story of Christopher Columbus and how he played a role in persecuting and elimi nating millions of native people. This real story is masked and decorated with fake embellishments to mislead people and make them believe in the nobleness of whites. This tradition of eliminating the voice of the Natives has survived over the years despite changing times. The presentation was delivered in an attempt to get the voice of the Natives registered and spread awareness about reality. When Christopher Columbus first landed in America, he encountered the Natives. He wrongly began to call them Indians like other Spanish people. This term is still used for the Natives despite the fact that they find it highly offensive. Also, as a way to pay respect to the Natives’ account, people in America should begin to acknowledge this reality that Columbus was not the first European explorer to set foot here. The

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